January 2018

January 16, 2018

12:00 - 1:00 PM


Ruby and Rails haven’t stopped evolving; you shouldn’t either!

Ruby and Ruby on Rails still feel fresh and new to me, but (surprise!) Ruby is over 20 years old, and Rails is nearly 12.

A lot’s happened in the ecosystem over time, practices have changed, gems have shot up the charts and later fallen out of favor, and new programming techniques have come on the scene.

Keeping up with this can be a challenge, especially for those working on long-term projects and/or on stable teams with few newcomers: how do you get your job done and ship a product while also continually refining your skills and learning about new solutions & professional best practices?

You know there are twitterers, podcasts, courses, books, and even blogs (yes, people still do those!) - but how do you find them, and which are worthwhile to invest your time and money in?

Let’s pool our knowledge and share!

At this month’s meeting we’ll discuss a community-sourced list of resources for staying up to date, as well as techniques for finding and making time during the day/week/month to make use of those resources.


Dan Buettner

By day, he is a Rails whisperer at Intellum, Inc, a global learning management company based in Atlanta, GA.

By night, he sweats the details of custom software at Port 80 Productions.

On most lunch hours, he wears spandex and rides his bicycle.

Food Sponsor

Thanks to Shift Interactive for providing food for this meeting.


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Meeting Location

Gravitate Valley Junction
318 5th St
West Des Moines, IA 50265