July 2016

July 19, 2016

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM



Don’t Forget About Your Database

Explain how to build correct indexes, and how to incorporate DB functions and views into your code.

Main Topic:

Trailblazer: Making your Rails Applications Manageable

Ever wonder if there’s a better way? Do you ever find yourself in these situations?

  • Seven levels of “Callback hell”
  • Models with: accepts_nested_attributes_for :posts, allow_destroy: true, limit: 10, reject_if: :new_record?
  • Models with business logic that have nothing to do with database persistence
  • Controllers with business logic that have nothing to do with HTTP and routing
  • Complex nested forms
  • 20 levels of nested ifs in the view layer
  • Views that render partials inside of partials inside of partials

Trailblazer is a relatively new framework for architecting applications with real-world business requirements. It provides a pluggable framework for business logic using traditional object-oriented design on top of the web framework that you love and know (doesn’t necessarily have to be Rails!). It focuses on objects, testing, and explicit application structure, so you never have to wonder again where the “magic” is coming from in your application.

In this talk, we will go over the high-level concepts found in this architecture and how they all fit together using a sample application with “real-world” requirements to better understand how your application can have better testability, organization, and maintainability.


Torrey Johnson, Shift Interactive

Cliff Braton, Shift Interactive

Zach Taylor, Shift Interactive


Please remember to RSVP and notify of any food requirements you may have to iowaruby@gmail.com or @iowaruby

Food Sponsor

Thanks to Shift Interactive for providing food for this meeting.

Note: this is lunch, and we would appreciate an RSVP to get the food count as well as any dietary limitations you may have.

Meeting Location

Shift Interactive
1501 42ND Street Suite 580
West Des Moines, IA 50266

(This is the top floor of the "1 Corporate Place" building on the corner of 42nd and Westown Parkway)

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