July 2014

July 15, 2014

6:00 - 7:30 PM


Haskell or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Type Checker


Chad Brewbaker

Wouldn't it be great if our code was correct first time it compiled? Do you wish you had a big tool chest of higher order functions like Ruby's Array.map and Array.select?

Haskell, like Ruby, is written to optimize developer productivity. Unlike Ruby, it has a learning curve of getting used to a strong type checker. This talk is intended to bootstrap you with all the resources you need to learn basic Haskell, and reuse Haskell concepts to write cleaner Ruby applications.

For those who want to bring a laptop Brian Allen has a guide on how to set up a basic Haskell development environment https://github.com/bitemyapp/learnhaskell


  1. You will have written and debugged a small Haskell program to get a feel for the type checker.
  2. You will be aware of others in central Iowa who want to learn Haskell with you.
  3. You will understand how a strong type checker eliminates entire classes of bugs.
  4. You will learn at least one Haskell abstraction, the monoid, for scalable computing on large data streams.

Pizza Sponsor

Thanks to Modis for providing pizza for this meeting.

Meeting Location

Merchants Bonding Company
2100 Fleur Drive
Des Moines, Iowa, 50321

This is across the street from Grays Lake and just south of Waterworks Park.

Park behind the building on the south side and enter through the patio.

Wi-fi Internet access is available.

Click here for a map.