January 2014

January 21, 2014

6:00 - 7:30 PM


David W. Body / Big Creek Software, LLC


A Gentle Introduction to AngularJS

We'll take a look at the basic features of AngularJS, a framework from Google for building dynamic web applications.

The core feature of AngularJS, as well as many other similar frameworks is two-way data binding. Two-way data binding automatically updates the DOM when your model changes, and automatically updates your model when the DOM changes (for example, when a user enters data in an input field). As we'll see, it's straightforward to use AngularJS's two-way data binding by itself, and this feature alone might be enough to justify using a framework such as AngularJS even for relatively simple applications.

We'll also look at AngularJS's form support, as well as XHR and dependency injection.

If time permits, we'll examine a few other AngularJS features such as filters, event handlers, animations, and directives.

All of this will be in the context of a simple real-world application that was initially implemented in Ember and then ported to AngularJS for reasons that we'll discuss at the meeting.

Pizza Sponsor

Thanks to Agape Red for providing pizza for this meeting.

Meeting Location

218 1/2 5th Street
West Des Moines, Iowa, 50265

This is in the heart of Valley Junction. The front door is usually locked during our meeting times, so park behind (west of) the building and enter there. The back door is at the top of the steps and has the address printed on it.

Wi-fi Internet access is available.

Click here for a map.

Btw, according to Levi, the only venue dictated rule is: Don't set your ass, beer, or pizza on the pool table.