May 2013

May 21, 2013

6:00 - 7:30 PM


Torey Maerz / C5 Software


Rails 4: What's New and How to Prepare

The Rails core team released Rails 4 beta 1 at the end of February and the final release is expected to land soon. Its brings several new features and depreciations you'll need to watch out for.

Torey Maerz will go over what is coming in Rails 4, and what you'll have to do to prepare your Rails 3 apps. He'll also touch on some new features of Ruby 2.0.

Here are a few highlights that Torey will cover:

  • Gotchas for migrating Rails 3 apps
  • Changes to mass assignments
  • Features that have moved to their own gems
  • Thread Safety and what it means for your apps
  • Using turbo links
  • Cache improvements
  • Important deprecations like the removal of some dynamic finders
  • Changes to cross site forgery protection
  • Improvements to some active record associations

Torey was previously the CIO at Appcore and is now running his own software company, C5 Software.

Pizza Sponsor

Thanks to TEKsystems for providing pizza for this meeting.

Meeting Location

218 1/2 5th Street
West Des Moines, Iowa, 50265

This is in the heart of Valley Junction. The front door is usually locked during our meeting times, so park behind (west of) the building and enter there. The back door is at the top of the steps and has the address printed on it.

Wi-fi Internet access is available.

Click here for a map.

Btw, according to Levi, the only venue dictated rule is: Don't set your ass, beer, or pizza on the pool table.

Meeting Notes

Torey's presentation: Rails 4.0