May 2012

May 15, 2012

6:10 - 7:40 PM


Jacob Richardson / Groupon

Jacob ("JR") Richardson will be back in Des Moines to present two topics at this month's meeting. JR is currently a software engineer at Groupon in Boulder, CO. Follow him on Twitter at @Jacob_Ninja.


Lazy Collections

Building and processing large collections of data is often memory consuming and inefficient. In this presentation we are going to take Enumerable to the next level by encapsulating our processing logic in lazy iterators and we will address common issues with large collections of data such as:

  • Memory consumption
  • Infinite sequences
  • Control flow

Static Analysis

Analyzing the structure of your code is an important key to managing the overall health of your system and can help spot those tricky-to-find bugs. In this presentation we will learn how to generate an abstract syntax tree from source code and analyze it using a symbolic expression processor. We will look at how current static analysis tools take advantage of symbolic expression processing to give you feedback on the structure of your code.

Note that our meeting time has been moved back 10 minutes to make it easier for those who want to park on the street.

Meeting Location

Foundry Coworking
418 6th Ave, Suite 210
Des Moines, Iowa, 50309

This is in the Liberty Building, directly above the Hyatt Place Hotel.

Wi-fi Internet access is available.

Click here for a map.

Dinner After the Meeting

If you can, please plan to join us for dinner at a local restaurant after the meeting.