September 2009

September 10, 2009

6:00 - 7:30 PM


Yehuda Katz / Engine Yard


What's New in Rails 3?

In honor of the Iowa Ruby Brigade's two-year anniversary, Yehuda Katz of Engine Yard will join us to talk about some of the new features in Rails 3, and to answer questions and discuss topics of interest to the group.

Of course Rails 3 is the result of the merger of two Ruby web frameworks: Ruby on Rails and Merb. Yehuda was lead developer of Merb, and as a Rails core team member, Yehuda has played a central role in the development effort to merge the two frameworks. Yehuda will talk about that effort and preview some of the changes in Rails 3.

We'll also have plenty of time for questions and general discussion.

Yehuda Katz

Yehuda Katz is currently employed by Engine Yard, and works full time as a Core Team Member on the Rails and Merb projects. He is the co-author of jQuery in Action and the upcoming Rails 3 in Action, and is a contributor to Ruby in Practice.

He spends most of his time hacking on Rails and Merb, but also on other Ruby community projects, like Rubinius and Datamapper. And when the solution doesn't yet exist, he'll try his hand at creating one - as such, he's also created projects like Thor and DO.rb.

Yehuda will join us via remote video conferencing.

Meeting Location

Coldwell Banker / Mid-America Group Realtors
8825 Northpark Court
Johnston, Iowa

Just north of I35/80 at the 86th Street exit.

GPS coordinates: N 41° 39.368' W 93° 44.378'

Wi-fi Internet access is available.

Click here for a map.

Door Prize

We'll give away the winner's choice of the following JetBrains products:

  • RubyMine Personal License
  • IntelliJ IDEA Personal License
  • ReSharper Personal License
  • TeamCity Build Agent
  • DotTrace

Dinner After the Meeting

If you can, please plan to join us for dinner at a local restaurant after the meeting.