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August 2014

August 19, 2014

6:00 - 7:30 PM


Deploying with Travis CI and Heroku


Dan Buettner / Merchants Bonding Company

Tools for writing and testing your web software have never been better or easier to use.

The same is true for deploying and scaling that software on the internet.

Still, the choices can be confusing - should I stand up a Linode? Use EC2? What’s an AMI? Digital Ocean? Rackspace? An old Dell in my basement wired to the DSL? Can I roll-my-own CI with Jenkins? How?

At Merchants Bonding, we have turned to Travis CI and Heroku to help us deliver quality software quickly. We’ve learned and accomplished a lot in the past several months.

At this meeting we’ll look at how to deploy a Rails application straight to Heroku, and then iterate on that by adding Travis CI for automated testing and deployment after the tests pass.


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Our meeting location is Merchants Bonding Company. Visit our About page for details and a map.

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Thanks to Chad Brewbaker (@cbrewbs) for his presentation on Haskell at our July 2014 meeting.

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